The 2013 convening | FUNDERS & PARTNERS

MIT and Culture Kettle could not have launched the Evolving Culture of Science initiative so successfully without the generous support and collegial counsel of several major foundations. We’re grateful that they not only provided financial support but sent senior representatives to participate in the 2013 convening alongside the practitioners and researchers, and we think of them as our fellow stakeholders in the project:

Invaluable and equally generous support was also provided from within MIT by the following units and departments:

  • Office of the Dean, School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Office of the Dean of Science
  • Department of Physics
  • Knight Science Journalism Fellows Program
  • Program in Science, Technology & Society

We are also grateful to the Intel Corporation for making possible two very valuable evening events associated with the convening, including a public Story Collider event and taping on the first night of the gathering.

The Wellcome Trust helped make the meeting something of a transatlantic summit by providing travel support for a number of UK-based individuals.

See the convening report for a full list of acknowledgments.