The 2013 convening | REPORT

The organizers are very pleased to share this analysis of what we learned from our participants at the September, 2013 Evolving Culture of Science Engagement convening. The report also contains our thoughts about the open questions and next steps in the broader initiative, for which we seek additional colleagues and perspectives.




View and download the report [pdf, 2.6 Mb].

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This report is only the beginning of what we hope will be a wider conversation and further collaborative work in the field. Among the possibilities under consideration: developing an empirical research agenda in collaboration with social scientists and engagement practitioners; writing a collection of case studies exploring particular science engagement experiences in greater depth; producing a suite of videos about specific engagement strategies and sensibilities that are cropping up across forms and settings; and conducting a series of interviews with emerging and established innovators.

We invite your responses to this initial report and any other comments, questions, or ideas. Please post a comment on our blog, email the organizers, and join the conversation on Twitter using #cultureofscience.